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The Ashida was designed by Wesk and is the result of long term portabalizing community efforts. It features a real trimmed wii motherboard, meaning that all of your games are running with 100% compatibility! This is not emulation. We also enable the onboard VGA to get your games looking as good as they possibly can on the IPS panel. If you are competitive or just love the nostalgic feel of the gamecube, you will love the Ashida.

  • OMGWTF Wii Trim (Avoiding OM6 Variants to improve thermals and battery)
  • 5 inch 16:9 IPS display with support for VGA
  • Everything you’d expect from a stock GameCube controller.
  • Dual 35x35x10mm heat sinks (or a single 35x70x10mm) and axial fan, providing enhanced cooling while being whisper quiet.
  • Dual Z buttons to take advantage of additional GC2Wiimote features.
  • Dual 21700 Batteries, giving up to 3.5 hours of potential play time (10,000mah)
  • Custom Controller and Audio interface boards, designed and supplied by 4 Layer Technologies.
  • 64GB Onboard Storage


These units are made to order. When you place the order we begin working on the unit immediately and tailoring the unit to your request. The build to ship time is usually anywhere from two to four weeks.

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